Do you want lower council rates?

Then you need to vote for Mark Nielsen for Mayor

The elections that happened across all 68 Councils in South Australia in 2022 have ended but we are contesting the results.


I ran as a Candidate for Mayor of the City of Onkaparinga and I ran together with 11 others who were hoping to get voted in as Councillors.


After voting closed on 10th November 2022 at the final count I came 2nd losing by 280 votes to Moira Were who was a member of the Labor party and I’m told she was also the preferred choice of Labor.   She is now the Mayor of the City of Onkaparinga.


Of the other candidates 10 lost but 1 was elected.   He was Kevin Rilett, candidate and now Member for Pimpala Ward.   Kevin took up his position in December 2022 and we are proud of his efforts.


Of those other 11 Councillors that were voted in, they may not have been our first choices but nevertheless, we wish them all the best.   Even at the time of writing this update, on 4 June 2023, we can see there are people among the current elected members who genuinely support the local community and I wish to support them in these endeavors.


I have now taken action in the Court of Disputed Returns against the Electoral Commission of SA and the City of Onkaparinga for what we allege are major failures to follow the Local Government (Election) Act 1999 and publication of defamatory material against myself during the election campaign. I also allege failures to follow the Local Government (Election) Act 1999 during the counting of votes and scrutineering of that vote counting.  I believe that no reasonable person, armed with all the facts, could possibly have confidence that this was an open, free and transparent election.


Although this is technically my action against the local and state government I have received a huge amount of support from people from all walks of life and not just from within Onkaparinga.   This action in the courts has resonated with people from other Councils who see their own problems with local and state government mirrored in what happened during the 2022 Onkaparinga Council elections.


So in effect, this is not just my action but our action.   Consequently I am seeking the help of people far and wide.   We need to band together to create a front against the insidious encroachment of government control over our lives and we do this, not just for ourselves, but for the sake of our children and future generations of South Australians who want to do nothing more than to live peacefully, without the interference of those in government who believe their opinions and ideologies are more important than the rights of individuals.


In 2022 the Onkaparinga Council announced its budget for the coming year was to be $218million.   It would be an interesting task to add together the total budgets of all 68 Councils within South Australia.   My guess, without doing any serious sums, is that it could be around $2billion.   That’s billion with a ‘B’!


The point is that local communities are a ‘cash cow’ for the government and one they are determined to milk.   They think they have more entitlement to our money than we do and to do the milking they are putting into place legislation, elected members and bureaucracies sympathetic to their ideologies and propaganda.   I have been told more than once that Labor is in the process of seizing control of local government across this state.


We have a lot to do to put a halt to state politics, of every persuasion and blend, from running rough shod over us.


We have a court case to win and if we are successful the election in Onkaparinga will be declared void and a new election declared.   Part or all of this new election will have to be run again so we will have new election campaigns to win.   But it won’t stop there; if I am successful in being elected and if others might be successful in being elected as Councillors during any new election we will aim to re-create our local communities in the way we want them, not according to the dictates of North Terrace.   Local people must be in control of our money for our benefit


There was a time when local government was focused on some very ordinary things like rubbish, roads, upkeep of local amenities, libraries, sport and clubs, when council rates were very cheap but then the boys from North Terrace came in and turned local councils into corporations subject to their plans and they squeezed them for all they could get.


We want this local government that has been hijacked and now controlled by state and federal government to be changed back into a local Council owned and controlled by local people that has local agendas doing some very ordinary but important things for local people.


Leave state and federal agendas up to state and federal government and keep them out of our communities.   But if anything they do effects us then we will have the last say.


It doesn’t matter what you think of things like Climate Change or the Voice to Parliament local Councils should not fund them or support them.   If local people want to have a say about these things then let them vote in state or federal elections or referendums or cajole their politicians how they want.


Where matters directly affect our communities like 15 minute cities, 24 hour surveillance of people, restriction of movement of local people, control of local businesses, toxic high radiation from 5G towers, matters of education or indoctrination that affect our children, then watch out because we will be very vocal.


Recent moves to keep the people out of local Council meetings will have to stop.


It will be up to local people to determine what matters in their communities need to be changed, or not.


Right now we need local people to step up and be heard.



This site will be rebuilt but I have left below what I originally posted during the campaign for interest sake but to see an update on the current situation have a look at  this article;

Is everyone satisfied with the way the election for the Council for the City of Onkaparinga went?




From 14th October 2022 everyone eligible to vote in the City of Onkaparinga elections will receive a Postal Ballot in the mail.

It will then be necessary for you to fill in your Ballot and post it off so it’s received no later than 10th November.   Please allow at least 3 days for postage.

I am asking for your vote for Mayor.  And I’m asking for your vote the for 11 candidates for Councillor who support me.


12 of us need your votes.


We support each other and I know we will make some great changes.

I have lived in Southern Vales ward for 32 years ever since I got married to my wife, Lee, when we bought a home and I have operated my own business, Adelaide South Property at 114 Sherriffs Road Morphett Vale for 17 years as a Real Estate agent.   I believe that I have a good idea of what people want.

To give you a bit more background, I was born in Glenelg one of 4 sons to a WWII war veteran who was one of 10 children born to a WWI veteran who was a soldier settler of Monash, in the Riverland.

Our whole extended family is very proud of the war service given to this country which includes veterans of Gallipoli, Beersheba and Milne Bay.

I am now the proud father of 2 adult children who hopes to one day have grandchildren but I honestly fear for the world they might be born into.

It’s the duty of all of us to make this world safe for those who come after us, even if it means we must make sacrifices.

I have been involved with local clubs for many years, and I believe I understand what people expect from their Council representatives.

I also believe that my experience as a rate payer, Real Estate agent and employer who deals with Councils on a regular basis gives me a very unique understanding of what it takes to be the Mayor.

Simply put, I believe I can deliver!

And I believe all 12 of us can deliver!

Have a look at our Action Plan.


Mark Nielsen

Candidate for Mayor

0426 917 772

Have a look at this video of all of us



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