Court Hearing has been adjourned to Friday 14 July 2023

Mayoral candidate Onkaparinga 2022

Court Hearing has been adjourned to Friday 14 July 2023

I last posted that my next hearing was on 16 June but this was rescheduled.

At first I received a notice from the court that the 16 June date was changed to 30 June with no reason given.   My barrister thought this could be a good sign because it shows that Judge Davison was taking this seriously and needs more time to deliberate, or she just had a bad cold. We hope for the former.

My barrister would still be overseas on 30 June so I had to request yet another change of date.
The court granted us an adjournment to 14 July at 2pm at the same location, the Sir Samuel Way Building in Victoria Square, Adelaide.

So now we all sit tight and await to hear the ruling of the judge.   This ruling could be either to dismiss my case or allow it to go forward to trial.

I encourage residents of the City of Onkaparinga and indeed any member of the public to come along to see how the law works.


No one should think that we are alone in this struggle.

There are other legal challenges going on throughout Australia against Local Councils and against the government agenda to take control of Local Councils.   This includes what is happening in Salisbury in SA, Penrith in NSW and the latest action by Darren Dickson in the Victorian Supreme Court against Yarra Ranges Council which has closed the public gallery to rate payers after ignoring concerns about attempts to set up a 20 minute city in the tourist town of Monbulk.

I hope to soon create a page on this website which provides details of all these other actions so please stay tuned.