The things you see when delivering flyers

Mayoral candidate Onkaparinga 2022

The things you see when delivering flyers

As our team and supporters will soon finish delivering 63,000 flyers I remembered this letterbox I found almost in the middle of a driveway.

I didn’t think to take a photo of the pink pig I stumbled over some days before.



The major part of our campaign to get the word out has been to knock on every door within Onkaparinga to speak to rate payers personally about what we want to do for them and to find out what they want from council. If no one was home we would put a flyer in the letter box.

Of course some homes will always get missed. There might be around 20% of households that have a ‘Do Not Knock’ sticker and there were homes where some of our people did not feel safe to enter. High fences and big dogs are always a barrier and the number of homes where people are home can vary from a high of 85% on the recent public holiday to mark the Queen’s death to just 15% at odd times of the average working day.

Onkaparinga has over 1500 km of roads with homes either concentrated in groups of what some refer to as gutter to gutter construction to semi-rural areas where homes can be 500metres apart. Then there are homes with driveways that seem to be at 45 degree angles that wobbles knees will never tackle.

12 of us are candidates but we are campaigning together with a common message of reducing rates and getting back to the basics of fixing roads and parks, maintaining council assets and to providing community services. We have helped each other and pooled our resources to maximise our efforts.

Overall it’s hard to say how may people we may have spoken to. I may have spoken face to face with perhaps 800 home owners.

I think our efforts have been huge but we still need your support to see this through.

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