Month: July 2023

Mayoral candidate Onkaparinga 2022

Proposed Changes to Council Elections & Meetings – Deputation of 18 July 2023

My request to delivering this Deputation in the Council Chambers at the City of Onkaparinga was rejected by the Mayor but I have posted here a summary of what I was going to say in answer to what I see as moves that threaten all residents. My Deputation I’m here today to protest against a…
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The Court of Disputed Returns has today DISMISSED my case

It has taken 7 months to get to this point after hearing what are only the technical points of law from the Electoral Commission and the City of Onkaparinga over why I should not be heard.   But we have heard nothing of the facts of this case.   I believe that when the truth comes…
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Court Hearing has been adjourned to Friday 14 July 2023

I last posted that my next hearing was on 16 June but this was rescheduled. At first I received a notice from the court that the 16 June date was changed to 30 June with no reason given.   My barrister thought this could be a good sign because it shows that Judge Davison was taking…
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