The Court of Disputed Returns has today DISMISSED my case

Mayoral candidate Onkaparinga 2022

The Court of Disputed Returns has today DISMISSED my case

It has taken 7 months to get to this point after hearing what are only the technical points of law from the Electoral Commission and the City of Onkaparinga over why I should not be heard.   But we have heard nothing of the facts of this case.


I believe that when the truth comes out in full it will reveal a very broken system that needs to be rebuilt from the ground up and as such this is a matter of the most extreme Public Interest.


Consequently I have a real obligation to take this matter further.   I will be instructing my legal team to take today’s decision to a higher Court as soon as possible.


I mean to show the public how during the 2022 local election for the City of Onkaparinga the Electoral Commission flouted its own rules and governing legislation to produce a result in which no reasonable person could have confidence.   This can only mean the Courts should declare the election void.


During my election campaign for Mayor I ran alongside 11 like-minded candidates for the Councillor positions with the intention of cutting the massive overspending and waste within the City of Onkaparinga and to give residents a genuine say in the running of their city.


I have alleged that elements within the Council did everything they could to shut us down by circulating documents which amount to criminal defamation.


This needs to be heard in full so the people of the City of Onkaparinga get a real decision as to who is Mayor.


Mark Nielsen

0414 969 490

14 July 2023