What do you need?

Mayoral candidate Onkaparinga 2022

What do you need?

Now that we are beginning our campaign in the 2022 election for the City of Onkaparinga it’s an ideal time for you to tell us what you need or what you think the Community needs.

This is when all the candidates have their ears open.

All 12 of us are campaigning with a common purpose to at first to get rates frozen then we will do everything possible to get them reduced but … we still need to find out from you where money needs to be spent as a priority.

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2 Responses

  1. Molly Holding says:

    Just my opinion, but if the rate rise goes ahead, all the money raised should go towards paying off the debt more quickly. We need lots of cheap housing for the many homeless people and also those living in caravan parks or spare rooms, but at the same time no one living in our area is liking the high rise and infill of the area. No idea how that can be sorted out, maybe there is some vacant land that won’t impact on the existing homes.
    There are probably too many people on councils staff and they are probably earning very good money from what I have been told.
    Good luck!

    • Mark Nielsen says:

      Hi Molly, I can guarantee they are not planning to use the rate increase to pay off the debts quicker. There needs to be a complete overhaul of finances and a freeze on new employment so the number of employees, currently about 800 will reduce by natural attrition. As for the housing issue that is a hard one especially since it’s state government that controls things like this. But generally opening up more land for development is the one thing that releives the pressure on prices. Some things I won’t know the answer to until I get access to records after I’m elected.
      Mark Nielsen

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