New council to decide on our water assets

Mayoral candidate Onkaparinga 2022

New council to decide on our water assets

happy-valley-reservoirAfter the new Council is elected in November 2022 they will need to make a decision about the possible sale or lease of crucial water assets owned by rate payers.

In the 25th August edition of Onkaparinga Now the article, ‘Further engagement on water assets’ it talked about the submissions of more than 600 people including community groups and a petition.

I myself wonder about the safety of Chloramine which is taking over from Chlorine as the preferred water treatment. Depending on what you read, among other things, it’s bad for plants and pets and is relative difficult to remove unlike Chlorine.

Questions remain about the use of Fluoride. The only benefit I can see ascribed to Fluoride is its questionable ability to prevent tooth decay.

Some say the list of toxic effects from Fluoride might be due to accidental high contamination, for example by accidentally swallowing fluoridated toothpaste.

Toxic effects include dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, reproductive issues, thyroid dysfunction, bone cancer, Alzheimers and neurological problems, possibly leading to ADHD, and many more.

If we were to ban the use of any chemical that had questions about its safety until we were presented with independent scientific evidence it was safe then we would have achieved our aim at no cost. The onus of proof should be on a supplier to prove its products are safe. Rate payers should not be required to keep using something until they prove it’s dangerous.

Somehow the onus of proof has been flipped.

If you think the new Councillors and Mayor need to be made aware of anything concerning this decision making process you can contact me as follows;

Mark Nielsen
0426 917 772

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