Author: Mark Nielsen

Mayoral candidate Onkaparinga 2022

The things you see when delivering flyers

As our team and supporters will soon finish delivering 63,000 flyers I remembered this letterbox I found almost in the middle of a driveway. I didn’t think to take a photo of the pink pig I stumbled over some days before.     The major part of our campaign to get the word out has…
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Meet & Greet Candidates for the 2022 Council Elections

Come along this Sunday, 23 October to Wilfred Taylor Reserve where you can meet and get to know some of the Nominees for the 2022 Council Elections. We will be providing a FREE sausage sizzle – fingers crossed for a lovely sunny day! It’s a great park for the kids to have a play and…
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South Australia In Focus – Interview with Candidate for Mayor Mark Nielsen

Candidate for Mayor Mark Nielsen was interview by MarkNeugebauer from South Australia In Focus on 24th September 2022 See the full interview here

New council to decide on our water assets

After the new Council is elected in November 2022 they will need to make a decision about the possible sale or lease of crucial water assets owned by rate payers. In the 25th August edition of Onkaparinga Now the article, ‘Further engagement on water assets’ it talked about the submissions of more than 600 people…
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What do you need?

Now that we are beginning our campaign in the 2022 election for the City of Onkaparinga it’s an ideal time for you to tell us what you need or what you think the Community needs. This is when all the candidates have their ears open. All 12 of us are campaigning with a common purpose…
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